Howdy! I'm an author of young adult novels who loves playing in Photoshop.
If you're in need of swag for your next book and you like my style, give me a shout! Now scheduling swag designs for January 2018. Don't wait to get on the list!


How much?

Email me at kristinraedesigns(at)gmail(dot)com for current pricing.

How long?

Current turnaround is around two months, so don't wait to get on the list!

What if I can't wait that long, but I'd still like to work with you?

 Sometimes there is room in my schedule to squeeze in a rush order for an additional fee.  

What do you need from me to design my swag?

-a high resolution JPG or PDF file of your cover

-if your publisher can give you access to a layered production file (.psd) of your cover, it gives us more options. But this is rare and not necessary for a great design.

-anything else you'd like included (website, twitter, ISBN, blurbs, summary, publisher, release date/season, links, QR code, etc.)

-sizes and where you plan to order so I can use the correct template. I recommend bookmarks and postcards be ordered from GOTPRINT.COM (2x8 is common size for bookmarks, 4x6 is standard postcard size). Bookplates (3x4 stickers) are a good value at UPRINTING.COM. I'll also tell you which paper types I recommend when the time comes, if you need the advice. Free paper sample packs can be ordered from most any print company, so you can test out your sharpies/pens on everything to find your preference. 

If I want to change/add something later on, how much?

Small changes and tweaks are done at no additional cost. For example, if you get a new blurb or trade review quote you want to add, just email me! 

Why should I choose you over so and so?

As an author, I work on every project as if it were for my own book. How would I want my book represented?